At your consultation, Dr. Sunde focuses on your needs.

After you’ve decided to pursue plastic surgery to help you improve your appearance, the next step is meeting personally with a plastic surgeon at a initial consultation. While your consultation will in some ways be similar to a regular visit with a new doctor—you will fill out paperwork with our receptionist, review your relevant medical history with Dr. Sunde, and discuss what type of treatment you seek—in many other ways it is quite different.

“It was not hard to discuss my concerns with Dr. Sunde because he made me feel so comfortable. He is a good listener who explains the procedure carefully.”
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For one thing, your consultation will be more relaxing than your typical medical appointment. Dr. Sunde makes sure you have all the time you need to ask questions, discuss your concerns, and understand all of your options. This face-to-face time is very important to Dr. Sunde, as it gives you time to get to know him as a physician and develop a feel for his practice philosophy and his aesthetic.

What You Might Discuss at Your Consultation

Each patient has unique questions and concerns to discuss at his or her consultation. For your safety and results, it is important to feel comfortable being honest about both your reasons for seeking plastic surgery and your medical history. Remember, your consultation with Dr. Sunde is private, and our office will keep your information confidential. You may expect to discuss the following:

  • Your motivations and goals for improving your appearance
  • Any medical conditions, prior surgeries (cosmetic or medical), allergies, and prescription or recreational drug use
  • Any previous treatments or lifestyle changes you have made in an effort to improve your appearance without surgery.

Should I Expect an Examination at My Consultation?

Typically, with your consent, Dr. Sunde will evaluate your area of concern as part of your consultation. This helps him understand your concerns as well as determine which procedures or techniques might help you. During this time, Dr. Sunde may take measurements of your facial features, breasts, or areas of the body you would like to improve. However, if you prefer just to talk with the doctor during your first meeting, that is okay too.

Will I Have Photographs Taken?

Depending on the procedure you are having, Dr. Sunde may take initial photographs for your medical record. These help him plan for your procedure and form a baseline for your “before” photos.

Will I Schedule Surgery at My Consultation?

You are not expected to schedule a procedure at your consultation, but we are here to help if you are ready to do so. If you choose to schedule your surgery, our staff will sit down with you to go over your fee quote and find a surgery date that works best for you.

Please feel free to contact us any time with questions or for more information about your consultation with Dr. Sunde.