Chin Enhancement in Monterey

The contour of the chin has a significant effect on the overall balance of a person’s face. Men and women who lack definition in their chin may feel self-conscious about having a recessed or “weak” chin and desire a contour that is better proportioned to the rest of their facial features.

Chin augmentation surgery, using biocompatible, anatomically customized chin implants, can improve the definition of a weak chin and achieve a natural looking balance to enhance the entire face.

Chin Surgery Procedure Details

During a chin enhancement (chin augmentation), Dr. Sunde inserts an implant made of a safe, synthetic composite around the existing chin bone, adding definition to the chin. The size and contour of the implant to be used will be determined before surgery and custom-fit to achieve the most natural looking results for a patient’s unique facial structure.

A chin enhancement is frequently performed at the same time as another facial procedure, such as nose reshaping, to achieve optimal balance to the face. During a personal consultation, Dr. Sunde discusses each patient’s concerns to best understand his or her personal goals. Together with the patient, Dr. Sunde will recommend a surgical plan to best achieve these goals. Dr. Sunde offers a caring approach and thoughtful attention to detail because he wants his patients to look and feel their absolute best.

“I want to look on the outside like I feel on the inside.” – Actual Patient

Schedule a Personal Consultation with Dr. Sunde

If you would like to improve the shape or size of your chin, we encourage you to contact us for your personal consultation with Dr. Sunde at our Monterey office. During this appointment, Dr. Sunde will listen to your concerns and help you choose the best course of treatment. Please call or contact us online to get started.