The Story Behind Dr. Sunde’s Facelift Grid

About the same size as 5×7 index card, this lightweight piece of aluminum may not be a tool you’d expect to see in the operating room, but if you are undergoing a rhytidectomy, or facelift, the Sunde Facelift Grid will likely help your surgeon achieve better facelift surgery results.

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Dr. Douglas Sunde modeled the Sunde Facelift Grid after the success of the Sunde Blepharoplasty Grid, which has helped plastic surgeons throughout the country achieve optimal eyelid rejuvenation results.

Similarly, Dr. Sunde wanted to improve facelift surgery results by accurately measuring the fat, skin, and tissue removed during a facelift procedure which led to his second surgical innovation: the Sunde Facelift Grid.

Aptly named, this grid lists all of the parts of the face that a plastic surgeon may address during a facelift surgery. During the procedure, a surgeon places the removed tissue into the corresponding area of the grid to precisely track the changes to skin, fat, muscle and tissue as they manipulate each area. An accurate account of how much each area is adjusted helps surgeons achieve a more symmetrical and balanced facial appearance.

Dr. Sunde is proud to have contributed to the advancement of surgical facelifts with this innovative tool to provide surgeons greater control, precision, and ease when performing surgery—and more importantly, providing patients with optimized, natural facelift surgery results.

Fun Facts About the Grid

  • It is manufactured in the USA.
  • Dr. Sunde added a hole in the bottom corner so the grid can be clamped securely in place.
  • It’s made of surgical aluminum so it can be sterilized before & after each procedure.
  • This is the 2nd tool Dr. Sunde has designed to assist plastic surgeons in the operating room.

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